Macro Endpoint Risk Intelligence

ITADSecurity, Inc. announces at the cross section of mobility, analytics and security, the ability to quickly asses the vulnerabilities that are rapidly becoming the new gateway for cyber-attackers. Read the Press Release »

A SaaS solution that leverages your current data, improves compliance, operational efficiency and security.

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“I am amazed at the pace of how sensitive data once contained to data centers is moving to remote devices. I like being apart of companies such ITADSecurity that fill voids and deliver data protection controls and intelligence to an area that is largely a black-hole.” Roger Marino, co-founder EMC Corporation (NYSE: EMC), Investor and Board member ITADSecurity Inc. Read the Press Release »

Three Steps

Have Microsoft ActiveSync or SCCM?

These are two of the most commonly deployed, yet frequently under-utilized, tools in mid-market companies. They contain a wealth of untapped data that is often overlooked. Timely discovery and analytics can solve important InfoSec and operational problems especially in the BYOD era.

Powerful Analytics

Our powerfull data analytics can process this untapped data presenting you with clear graphics, metrics,and data to help your compnany.

byod to intell

Intelligent Discovery

Our data discovery engine can connect to a variety of sources giving you a unique set of data to mine for your GRC and operations needs.

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